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Getting Started

Whether you're brand new to school uniforms or just moving up a grade, here's everything you need to know about when to shop, where to buy, and what you'll need to get you through the school year!

When should I shop?

At least 30 days before the start of school!

Although you can order online or shop our stores year-round, most customers buy the majority of their uniform products during the summer. We strongly recommend that customers avoid waiting until the last minute, and shop at least 30 days before the start of school!

Keep in mind, more than 40% of all uniform products are customized with your school’s logo, which means they may take a little longer to produce than your typical childrenswear. By shopping early, you’ll avoid the long August lines in our stores, allow yourself plenty of time for returns or exchanges, and be sure you’ll have everything you need to return to the classroom.

Shop early, and get back to enjoying your summer. You’ll thank us later!

How much should I buy?

Category Qty Shopping Tips
Shirts, Blouses 3-5 Shirts are worn every day, and tend to get the dirtiest the fastest since they're worn against the skin. Depending on how often you do laundry in your household, we recommend at least 3-5 total shirts in a combination of available colors and styles. Our rule of thumb is: one on the student, one the in wash, one in the drawer for tomorrow!
Dresses, Jumpers, Tunics 2-3 Because these products are worn on top of a shirt and made from stain-resistent fabrics, they can be worn for a few days before being washed. We recommend a minimum of 2-3. This way, if a jumper gets left at sports practice or at a friend's house, you'll always have a backup for tomorrow!
Pants, Slacks 2-5 Similar to shirts, pants are worn every day and can get pretty dirty - especially at recess. Depending on how often your household does laundry, it's helpful to have a few extra in rotation so your student has a clean pair each morning.
Shorts 2-4 The quantity of shorts you buy depends on the climate of your school. If you know your student will wear shorts every day, we recommend between 3-5 pair. If he or she only wears them in the fall and spring, 2-3 pairs is plenty!
Kilts, Skirts, Skorts 2-3 Because these products are worn on top of tights or spandex shorts, and are made from stain-resistent fabrics, they can be worn for a few days before being washed. We recommend a minimum of 2-3. This way, if a kilt gets left at sports practice or at a friend's house, you'll always have a backup for tomorrow!
Sweaters, Vests 1-3 Sweaters are great year round: for chilly air-conditioned classrooms in the fall and spring, and to layer in the colder seasons. Because sweaters are worn on top of a shirt, they don't need to be washed quite as often.
Blazers, Jackets 1-2 This will depend on your school's uniform requirements, but you shouldn't need more than one blazer / jacket!
Ties, Belts, Accessories 2-3 If your program requires a tie or belt, you may want a few on-hand as these tend to be easily misplaced. Hair accessories are not a required item, so quantites are completely up to you!
Gymwear 1-2 sets How much gymwear you should buy depends on how often your school holds gym class. If gym takes place once a week, 1-2 sets should be fine (a second in case the first gets lost or left in the locker room!). If gym takes place twice each week, 2-3 sets.
Socks, Tights 4-8 Since socks and tights are worn daily (and feet can be stinky!), we recommend stocking up. Again, it depends on how often laundry is done in your house, but most customers buy between 4-8 pairs of socks.
Shoes 1-2 One pair of school shoes can be worn daily, but we do recommend buying an extra pair in case the first gets lost or left behind somewhere. This way, you'll never be stuck without your shoes!

Things to consider:

Although some families prefer to buy the majority of uniform products before the start of school, others choose to shop seasonally throughout the year. The good news is that either option is totally fine! The most important thing is knowing what works best for your family. Here are some things to consider when deciding when to shop, and how much to buy:

  • How often is laundry done in your house? If you're a 2-3x / week family, you may not need to order as many uniforms at the start of the year. You can always order more if you realize you need it!
  • How quickly is your student growing? For example, if he or she is in the middle of a growth spurt, you may want to buy conservatively at the start of the year, and then order new sizes after the fall.
  • Do you need school uniforms for more than one household? If so, how many days per week does your student spend at each home?
  • Finally, be sure to review your school's uniform requirements or dress code to ensure you're purchasing mandatory items and sizing for the proper fit!

Fun Tip!

While viewing your school's uniform products on our website, toggle open the “Quantity Recommendations” tab (highlighted below), for product-level quantity recommendations as you're shopping.

Where can I shop?


The all new offers a streamlined, easy-to-navigate uniform ordering experience for families from our partner schools. Get started by finding your school at the link below!

Shop My School

Your Local FlynnO'Hara Store

Find your school's servicing store using our retail locator, linked below! During your visit, our team of uniform experts will help you get ready for the school year ahead by...

  • Walking you through your uniform program
  • Measuring your student to ensure the right fit
  • Providing items for your student to try on for size
  • Making sure you leave the store with everything you need to start the school year!
Heads up! If our store runs out of a product or size, we'll ship it to your home, or back to the store for pick-up (whichever you prefer!). Typically, this happens during the height of back-to-school season, so it's always best to visit at least 30 days before the start of school!

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The Perfect Fit

Visit our Sizing & Fit page for videos and tips on how to measure for the perfect fit! If you're new to school uniforms or need help with sizing , schedule a free virtual fitting below!
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