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About Us
FlynnO’Hara Uniforms is a Philadelphia-based supplier and retailer of high-quality school uniforms, medical attire, and gym wear. We are family owned-and-operated, serving over 1500 schools across 38 states.
Our story begins in 1972 when two friends, Ed Flynn & Ned O’Hara, recognized the need for quality school uniforms to serve growing Catholic school enrollments up and down the eastern seaboard. Fifty years later, we are proud to outfit almost half a million students not only from Catholic schools - but charter, private and religious schools throughout the United States. Although the landscape of education has evolved over the course of our history, our mission has remained unchanged: to deliver leading-quality school uniforms at a fair price, backed by unparalleled customer support.

At FlynnO’Hara, we believe that a school uniform is so much more than just the clothes on a student’s back. The uniform represents community and provides a sense of belonging; it eliminates one extra decision in a day already packed with important choices. Even more critical, the school uniform levels the playing field, eliminating the physical manifestation of socioeconomic differences – allowing students, instead, to focus on what’s important: their education & personal growth.

For some of our customers, the world of school uniforms is new and unfamiliar; for others, a generational right-of-passage. Whether this is your first time shopping with us or your fiftieth, we’re here to make the experience an easy one. We welcome you to the FlynnO’Hara family, and cannot wait to grow with you in the years ahead.

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